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The E-Commerce accelerated during the pandemic

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the E-Commerce all around the world has accelerated exponentially in the last years. The companies have realized the need of reaching their potential clients through the Internet. The fact that a company owns an E-Commerce represents a great advantage in comparison with the competence that lacks it. As time goes by, more and more companies will be joining the Digital Transformation.

In lots of economically advanced countries, the online sales exceed the physical sales. However, numerous countries in Latin America, the physical sales still exceed the online sales, but this is just a matter of time to change.

Nowadays, the Digital Marketing, the Social Networks and the Search Engines have gained a lot of strength and it is unacceptable that a great company lacks presence in Internet. In fact, the demand of Web Development in general and the E-Commerce Development has multiplied.

In the coming years, the Informatin Technologies are going to increase as a snowball. It is curious to think that all these facts started with the Internet invention.

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